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    What makes Rapid Painting
    the best-in-class painting service?

    Giving a new look to your home by painting it is very exciting but choosing right material, color and painter while ensuring your family safety and comfort can be a huge task.

    That’s where we come in to make house painting hassle-free, safe and great experience! With rapid home painter’s Rapid painting, re-imagine your home as a new space and color your dreams on your wall.

    Introducing Rapid Home makeover by rapid home painting service - Get you home repainted as rapid as in 3 days. Hard to believe? Not with Rapid home painter’s Rapid Painting because we have own trained team of house painters and supervisors who are enough trained and experience to done your house painting job rapidly. By our trained supervisor-painter team and all modern equipment like sanding-machine, spray-gun. We have done one time painting in the past . we are always ready to give you a hassle free experience and a dream home – all in just as rapid as in 3 days!

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    How it works?

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    Book free home visit

    Fill the contact form to book free home visit for free inspection of your home, our team will contact you and schedule a visit as per your requirement for professional house painting services.

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    Inspection and Quotation

    We will visit your home for laser based home inspection for home interior painting, home exterior painting and polish work. Get best quotation on the behalf of accurate measurement.

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    Planning and suggestions

    We will advice you for best house painting ideas color and material. We will plan all about time required to paint and painting method and process and same we will be mentioned in our plan sheet.

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    Starting the work

    We will align self owned trained and best house painting team. Our team will work as we have planned and mentioned in plan sheet. Get your dream house painted one time with hassle-free experience.

    Why choose us?

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    Hassle free experience

    We plan house painting work from starting to end and our trained and professional painters and supervisor works as we have planned and finally we deliver you highest quality painting service and great experience by Rapid painting.

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    Highest quality standard

    We apply all the genuine material in a proper process with modern painting equipment like sanding-machine and spray-gun to provide a highest quality of painting service for your dream home painting.

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    Verified and trained painter

    We have self owned team of painter and supervisor we are not dependent on third party house painting contractor. Our team in highly trained and experienced to carried out perfect house painting service.

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    Professional service

    All the area will be covered and masked as per the need before we start painting job and finally after completing painting job we remove all the masking and clean all the paint stains.

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    Supervised process

    We understand there are lots of thing to provide you professional service this is why we align a dedicated supervisor for all of our painting site. Supervisor will ensure that all work is going on perfectly.

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    Value for money

    Comfortable hassle-free painting work, Professional painting services, highest quality standard in interior painting and exterior painting and our warranty on painting work all these make our service Value for money.

    What Our Client’s Say?

    I choosen rapid home painter for my home painting service after taking quotation from 4 company, they promised me for very comfortable service. I can say this is the best painting company for your interior house painting and exterior house painting, their house painter painted our interior in just 4 day with asian royale paint. They did room painting by spray gun in very less time their paint and painter was very nice.


    Atul chaurasiya

    (Vedma Production)

    Super –efficient staff, their behavior was very polite and professional. Sales staff was also very polite and experience they suggested me very trendy and unique color pattern for my room painting & for living painting. Covering and masking were done properly, the best part was I got proper cleaned area after rapid painting . The quality of work was very good and ultra-efficient. The supervisor was trained he handled the situation properly. Felt very comfortable.


    Sachdev Pathak

    Rapid home painter, this company is a fully organized house painting company, everything which was promised, has been done. I am very impressed they asked 3 day time for complete putty and paint, but they did miraculous work and completed it in 2 days only. Very fast, very good quality. My complete painting was done using latest machine in guidance of their dedicated supervisor. I also got a three year warranty.


    Subhash Chander

    They did the same as they have promised during measurement and quotation providing. The painter’s behavior was very polite. The supervisor was also very good and polite. I got my home painted within two days. Polishing of doors and window took 4 days but quality of polish work was very good, I got my old doors like a new one with high shine on it. Best part of rapid painting is they done all the work using machines.


    Sheela mathur

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    Get free estimation and colour consultation from our experts

    Frequently  Asked Questions

    Why do people hire professional painters?
    Painting the interiors or exteriors of your home is not an easy task. it will be very tiresome job if you are not skilled. Hiring a professional painter with good reputation to get the house painted is the best option in. You may think a do-it-yourself paint project might be more reasonably priced, but when corners are cut, and blots are missed, you will end up breaking your finances by spending more wealth on correcting mistakes that were made.Professional painters are called professionals for a reason. They work professionally around the clock to get the work done in your preferred way. They know all guidelines and procedures to do their work competently and much faster than you could have handled on your own. In a roundabout way, their commitment to their job brings the client an acceptable outcome. That’s why their services are well worth your funds.
    How to book online whitewash services?
    How much does it cost for white wash painting walls?
    The cost of painting a wall or whitewash a wall depends on many factor like size of wall, is it fresh wall or repainting, seepage treatment required or not, simple paint or designer paint, material type and many more. Price of wall painting per square foot is from 8 rs/sqft to 120 rs/sqft in which price for regular painting on wall can vary from 8 rs/sqft to 35 rs/sqft and designer painting can be 20 rs/sqft to 120 rs/sqft. If we have new construction and we have requirement of fresh building painting then we will have to prepare a base for it base preparation cost will be added in painting cost so generally price for fresh painting is more than price for repainting for same type of paint. However if we consider a wall to be 120 sqft which means length 12 and height 10 then price can vary from 960 rs to 14400 rs for painting a single wall.
    How to hire good painter for best home painting services?
    Home painting is a work that is done once in 3 to 5 years. That's why it becomes very important that we entrust this work to a professional only. Hiring a painter is very easy but identifying a professional painter is a very difficult task. Apart from this, it is also not necessary that a good house painter can also take care of the dificulty arise during painting like material quality and client's comfort. So if you want your work to be done with good quality paint without any difficulty and trouble, then you should hire a professional company to paint your house. There can be many advantages of hiring a professional company, some of these are professional painters, supervised process, genuine material suggestion, hassle free work, warranty on painting services etc.
    What is the average total cost to paint interior house area by square foot area ranges?
    How much does it cost to paint a 2000, 1500, 1300, 1600 sq ft house?
    How much does it cost to paint a room by hire painter?
    Can i calculate by paint calculator that how much paint i need?
    What are the most trending paint color for interior house painting?
    How much warranty i can get on house painting services?

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